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Mex C: compiled C code for MATLAB SNINIT which is theinitial call to SNOPT program. (4) SNOPT returns to the driver after it has initialized the optimization program. (5) The driver calls SNSPEC which tells SNOPT where to find the options file (if it exists). (6) SNOPT returns to the driver after it has read the options file (if possible).

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Performance Optimization Study of a Common Aero Vehicle Using a Legendre Pseudospectral Method by Kimberley A. Clarke B.S. Aerospace Engineering, Pennsylvania State University, 2001

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time dependent solver + optimization solver (SNOPT) 10 Comsol physics incl. adsorption/desorption ¦ w w w w t Acal out e xp t Acal out CFD t ads des aldol Acal filter Acal bulk Acal bulk ads des Acal bulk Obj C C r r r t C D C C r r t C 2, , , , , ,,, ,, u Introduction Fiber reactor Comsol model Comsol model incl. adsorption/desorption Conclusions

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Algorithm 902 • 22:3 it is noted that, in the context of optimal control problems, a study has been performed that supports the use of global (semi-global) spectral collocation over Rapid Trajectory Optimization Using C-FROST with Illustration on a Cassie-Series Dynamic Walking Biped Ayonga Hereid1, Omar Harib 2, Ross Hartley ... IPOPT [31] or SNOPT [10], to formulate the motion planning problems. Others are advocating state-of-the-art op-timal control toolboxes, such as GPOPS [23], DIRCOL [30] or PSOPT [3], that come with ...isys Institut für Systemdynamik Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. h. c. O. Sawodny Numerische Lösung von Optimalsteuerungsproblemen Dr.-Ing. Eckhard Arnold